Why is ism the number 1 choice for many of the world’s leading institutions?

Many of the organisations that approach us operate worldwide and so are in need of a global solution that can be implemented locally, that is scalable, easy to operate and robust.

Other organisations including clients from the custodial sector are based in country only but are often in need of a solution that can be rolled out across a number of sites. You will be reassured to know that our 28 years of experience encompasses working with UK based and global organisations delivering genuinely innovative and pioneering security management and audio intercom solutions.

At ism we listen to our clients in order to build a forensic understanding of their needs. We work closely with their system designers and chosen suppliers to deliver solutions that meet and exceed the expectations of the end users.

You’ll be reassured to know our commitment to R&D is such that we invest 12 1/2% of turnover compared to the norm of 7%. This enhanced investment enables us to innovate and to design products that lead on a global scale.

Designed, developedand supported in house

All ism products are designed, developed and supported in house.  Our system design team provides the all-important presales support whilst our dedicated project management team ensures a smooth and successful delivery including the vital after-care technical support.

The compelling case for ism and why you should contact us

  • World leader and pioneer in the design and manufacture of security software solutions and high-quality audio intercom systems for 23 years.
  • Inventors of Genesys Classic, the World’s leading patented integrated security software platform.
  • Inventors of Genesys v2 the next generation in advanced integrated security software platforms.
  • Inventors of Ultimate 3000 audio exchange.
  • A highly trusted, respected and stable brand. ism software and hardware is used by over 1000 organisations worldwide.
  • In house Research & Development for advanced system design.
  • Dedicated manufacturing facility, project management team, technical support and sales in Sussex.
  • Rated by Deloitte and Touche as the 49th fastest growing technology company.
  • Leading provider of global centralised security systems for police, prisons, custodial, commercial banking and finance, education, rail and transport, social housing, critical infrastructure and more.

For more information or to book an initial meeting

“ The patented Genesys v2 utilises the latest Microsoft .NET platform and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) for an enhanced graphical user experience and includes migrating Driver redundancy technology, with the ability to distribute the Driver interfaces across the network as each Genesys workstation can run individual Drivers. This also allows any of the Genesys workstation(s) on the network to become a master for both the Drivers and the database. ”

David Jenkins,
Managing Director