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All Rise. Central Criminal Court in Dublin

Chubb Security approached ISM when they were awarded the contract for the Central Criminal Court in Dublin. This is a purpose-built central court that houses 28 courts within one building. The project presented challenges; two of the key ones being the need to keep members of the public safe at all times when visiting the building and the need for prisoners in police and court custody to be appropriately secured and looked after at all times.

ISM have provided the Cell Call for 57 cells incorporating our Ultimate 3000 Cell Call system with officer tagging and vulnerable persons monitoring solution – with sprinkler control within each cell. 

We have also provided…

  • 24 intercom stations with the integration of Access Control (ACT)
  • CCTV (Panasonic)
  • Fire alarm (Advanced Fire Systems
  • Intruder Alarm system (Guardal)

…. Delivered through Chubb Security. The Irish Prison Service has overseen the approval of the equipment and the solution being provided and the team are absolutely delighted with our work. This was a design and build project whereby the solutions proposed by ISM were given a unanimous vote of approval. It’s worth mentioning that although the prime purpose of the Central Criminal Court in Dublin is to operate as a daytime criminal court, the system that has been installed is flexible enough to accommodate future changes without incurring major additional costs.

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