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Our pioneering Compact Series Low Rise telephone Entry System provides solutions for housing associations and local authorities in need of cost effective, easy to maintain and robust intercom system. Compact uses a simple single exchange serving upto 15 dwellings for low rise apartment buildings.

Why is Compact the first choice for housing associations and local authorities?

The Compact Series functional telephone entry system is an innovative system that has been developed to meet the specific needs of local authorities and housing associations. It is ideal for low rise residential buildings, competitively priced, robust, vandal proof, easy to use and maintain. Compact is the perfect complement to ISM’s Ultimate 3000 digital audio and data telephone entry systems which are designed for medium to high rise apartment buildings, stand alone and concierge.

“Why choose Compact? We have harnessed 22 years of experience of working within the housing sector, with local authorities, housing associations, landlords and installers to develop Compact.

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“Because Compact uses the latest technology, it is simple, extremely flexible, easy to install and maintain. It offers an audio quality and functionality that just can’t be matched by any other system.” David Jenkins, Managing Director