Some of Compact’s advanced features that are included as standard

  • Full duplex speech
  • Privacy of speech
  • Electronic timed call tone
  • Full electronic auto isolation
  • Electronic audio amp with low, medium and high setting
  • Discreet locking facility
  • 7 day BST Trades time clock 
  • Adjustable 5-30 second lock release timer
  • Adjustable 1-60 second call time
  • Adjustable 1-60 second speech timer
  • 12 volt DC,3 amp switch mode power supply with integral battery charger 
  • Enclosed within a steel powder coated IP 54 cabinet
  • Fully compliant with CE and low voltage directives
  • Modular design for ease of maintenance
  • 8 channels expandable to16 e.g. Up to 15 flats with 1 entrance call panel or, up to 14 flats with two entrance call panels
  • Prewired output from power supply for Proximity access control controllers and chassis mounting studs for PAC and KMS systems
  • Privacy call timer for handsets 4, 8,12 or permanently on/off
  • Individual handset call volume adjustment
  • Door open indication
  • Simplified 6 wire CW1308 or Cat5 cable for entrance panels and audio handsets 
  • Standard 3 year guarantee

The Compact System uses ISM’s standard COM/NIDT handsets for audio only systems or COM/NIDTV for video systems using the COM/VM 4” colour monitor module that fits adjacent to the standard handset.

  • The audio handset includes a ‘lock release’ button, a ‘privacy switch’ indicator and a ‘door open’ indicator.
  • Colour video monitor includes a ‘Preview’ button to enable the user to view cameras(s) manually when required.
  • The monitors are extremely robust and vandal resistant, manufactured in pressed powder coated aluminum with a Lexan window to protect the colour monitor.