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Converged Concierge Project

London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham

When The London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham were tasked with improving the concierge systems for 5 estates and reducing concierge operational costs at the same time, ISM were approached. Some of the estates were being looked after by one concierge, others by several. Over a 4 month period, ISM installed their patented Genesys security control room management system and their Ultimate intercom and door entry system.
Ultimate was engineered so that the existing door entry hardware could be used and routed through the client’s own internal network. This not only kept costs down significantly, it proved to be an environmentally responsible initiative by eliminating the need for construction work.

The project which was accomplished on time and to budget has ticked many boxes.  The entire security of the 5 estates can now be successfully managed from just one of the estates or from several, giving real flexibility and resulting in a reduction in manpower. Any one of the hundreds of flats can now be serviced by just the one concierge operating from any one of the estates.  Crucially the   borough is still delivering high levels of service and keeping tenants secure from unwanted visitors despite cutting their running costs.

Danny Reynolds (Group Leader Services Engineering LBH&F) said “We have worked with ISM on previous projects and they have never let us down. They always focus on delivering the solution that we need within a tight budget and an equally tight timescale. We have a responsibility to our tenants and to the environment. This project meant that we could put the needs of our tenants at the forefront and because ISM’s technology meant that we could use our existing intercom hardware we really kept our costs down. The project was definitely green, clean and efficient!”

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