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David Jenkins, Managing Director, ISM is retiring in the same year that ISM celebrates its 25th anniversary. Jenkins has built an enviable legacy for the British born and bred manufacturing brand. Stephen Smith, Sales and Marketing Director will become the new Managing Director.

When asked if he had achieved everything he set out to achieve, Jenkins said, “Our plans for global success are now bearing fruit. America, South Africa, Dubai, Kuwait and India are just 5 of the countries we have a strong and growing presence in.” 

Jenkins was a founding member of the first Body to control the standards in the intruder and alarm industry (NSCIA). He worked alongside the Director Generals of the NSCIA, Admiral Callaghan and General Needham to establish certification of intruder alarm installations, implementing the first BS standards (BS 4737). He founded ISM to “deliver a better all-round solution to the problems faced by inner-city housing estates.

I knew their existing telephone entry systems were inadequate which is why I formed two companies. One was to install telephone entry access control and CCTV systems; the other was ISM to manufacture the telephone entry products using a more sophisticated, reliable technology. He developed the first version of ISM’s patent protected PSIM Genesys because “a software based system was crucial in pulling together the different security initiatives including CCTV and access control.”

Jenkins will remain involved in ISM for the foreseeable future, as the Chairman of the company.

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