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Gatwick Immigration Removal Centre

The location of this project - Gatwick Airport was just a few miles away from ISM's head office. Reliance HighTec tendered for and won the project with a best value bid where the emphasis was on the technical submission. The team at Reliance HighTec decided to use the ISM Genesys front end control system as the overall security management platform with our Ultimate 3000™ Seltec for the cell call, affray, alarms pegging and intercoms.

Reliance HighTec provided innovative systems, offering IP cameras, network video recorders and high end access control, together with our products. These products and systems exceeded the latest Home Office specification. Genuine innovation was the hallmark of this project, using the latest proven technology over a full IP infrastructure.


The installation could only commence after the building had been completed. Therefore, a test bed off-site facility was secured where all the essential equipment could be set up and tested before delivery to site. This significantly reduced the time spent on site installing the system.

The current position:

The centre is complete. The detainees have been moved into a 232 cell facility with ISM’s standard tagged reset and welfare check monitoring Cell Call system. This records who has visited a cell and the exact time of their visit. When the detainee is on a watch routine the system records the staff visits and it alerts the staff if a welfare check is late. This same tag is used for the pegging tours which alerts operators should an officer failed to reach the next point within the allotted time. This outstanding capability is unique to ISM.

The twist in the tale:

HOSDB (Home Office Scientific Development Branch) decided to set the benchmark for audio cell call systems and so tested the ISM system for clarity of speech. ISM’s proven digital audio system passed with flying colours on every single cell tested.

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