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Enhanced alarm handling with multiple scenarios

Clear and concise alarm management is crucial to the success of any security management system. Genesys v2 offers a comprehensive event management database. Events and alarms are presented to the operators clearly with an alarm task list together with automated and manual workflow options that guide the operators through these events. As alarms are handled in the same generic way, training is straightforward and the reactions of operators to these events are greatly improved.

Within the Genesys configuration it’s possible to configure automated actions to occur on certain event activation and in response to the operator’s actions. These interoperable actions can be triggered to run when different events occur.

Here’s how it works….

An intruder is detected climbing over a wall.

Flow Chart

An alarm is triggered. The CCTV cameras can be sent to preset positions.

Floodlights will switch on, perimeter doors will be locked down, paging messages will be sent to security staff and the digital recorder will increase its frame capture rate.

When the operator accepts the alarm they are presented with the live CCTV images together with the pre-and post-event recording from the DVR at the time the event was generated. The alarm task list is presented detailing a workflow for the operator to follow. This task list can detail basic functions for audit purposes such as ‘check the CCTV’, ‘call the supervisor’. By selecting one of these actions Genesys  v2 will carry out the automated function and the item will be ticked off the list. The operator will then proceed to the next item. It is possible to add events to the checklist such as ‘lock down doors’ or ‘add a note to the alarm event’. Only when this note has been added can the operator reset the alarm.

Download the Genesys Brochure (PDF)

“In Genesys  v2 security providers now have the optimum tool to control and monitor their complex security installations to the highest degree.”