Cell call

When used with ISM’s Ultimate 3000 hardware, the cell call module within Genesys v2 is comprehensive and far reaching.

It can be used as a simple cell call system so that when a detainee presses their call button it will generate an alarm within Genesys. The operator can accept the alarm, talk to the cell if they wish and reset the cell, either from Genesys or from the cell call guard indicator unit itself.

When an officer arrives at a cell Genesys can display their details, record their presence at the cell and log the time and date. The second tag records their time of leaving and releases the officer from the cell itself.

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This information can be manually populated into the Genesys database the system architecture also allows for this information to be automatically populated from an interfaced third party booking- in system. Likewise, information on cell visits can be populated back into the custody record to provide an automated audit trail.