Graphics and graphic navigation

By using the latest Microsoft technologies - .NET platform and Windows Presentation Foundation - Genesys offers an enhanced user experience with exceptional flexibility and uniformity which can be presented on a single screen or across two or three monitors per workstation.

Intuitive and flexible, Genesys enables clients to define the number of screens they want to use and how the information is to be presented on each screen. Within the configuration menu it’s possible to change each individual window and to format it so that it provides the correct information for the operator and meets their operational requirements.

Clean and uncluttered – why operators love Genesys v2

Graphical representations of the sites are imported into Genesys in different formats including 3D, high resolution colour render or standard resolution. These can be taken from other media such as CAD drawings, site photographs, maps etc.  Operators love Genesys because they’re provided with a clear uncluttered view of the site or sites controlled by the system.

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