Increased stability from the Genesys v2 front end

The unique Genesys Front End, sometimes referred to as a Graphical User Interface or GUI is one of the engines. Independent of the rest of the system it can reside on a PC to carry out control functions, or as a main load carrying PC with driver control. This independence increases the stability of the system and enables effortless expansion.

Why driver separation enables system stability

One of the most critical elements of Genesys v2  is that individual Driver instances are set up for each system connected within the Genesys Driver Service. This separation of Drivers allows for the load of all the Drivers running to be spread across the system – thereby allowing for a large number of Drivers to be connected. The GDS monitors each Driver instance. So, if a Driver become unstable or fails due to poor third-party software then the GDS can close down the individual Driver (to ensure it does not cause an issue to any other part of the system) at the same time as generating an alarm event. The GDS promotes the ability to migrate individual Drivers to other computers in the event of a PC or network failure. By employing a separate engine it is also possible to run these Drivers on dedicated PCs or servers if you prefer this network architecture.

Genesys v2 incorporates a status engine and an SQL server database.

This means that the software remembers the state of all devices, alarms and the current alarm progress of alarm tick-lists.  If an alarm has been accepted on a PC and the PC fails before the alarm has been reset then the alarm will be resent to the network again.  This ensures that no alarm is ever lost.

The genius of the Genesys v2 state engine

As connected devices change state – some simply from Off to On or others having multiple states such as

  • Tamper
  • Fault
  • Door open
  • Insecure
  • Pre-alarm

The Genesys State Engine receives these states and sends a message to update the icons shown within the Genesys Front End. This provides near real time status of all devices. This engine monitors the status of the Genesys  computers on the network, which alarms have been acknowledged, how many actions on the alarm task list have been completed etc. This keeps each one of the Genesys computers fully up-to-date.

Download the Genesys Brochure (PDF)

If a PC failure or engine fault should occur then the other users are aware that a user is off-line.