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Physical Security Information Management software, more commonly referred to as PSIM, integrates unconnected devices and security for your home or business, making them more manageable and usable.

Your security is likely to be manufactured and maintained by a variety of different suppliers, purchased over a period of time, and of varying capabilities, and therefore will not seamlessly connect. Whether your business uses door alarms, CCTV, fire detection or one of the many other forms of physical security, a PSIM system can help keep everything running smoothly.

By collecting information from a range of devices, PSIM systems become an essential part to the smooth running of any modern business.

A PSIM can be used to create profiles which will simultaneously activate multiple security devices across an area. A trigger can be used to lockdown door locks in a site, meaning that security staff can be used more effectively.

By integrating all areas of your physical security, you’ll see increased control and awareness, as well as lower expenses.

The Capabilities of a PSIM:

  • Collection

  • Analysis

  • Verification

  • Resolution

  • Reporting

  • Audit Trail

By using PSIM, you will be able to add new technologies to your system as they develop, without having to train all operators to cope with new software. The technology can be incorporated to the existing security structure.


Genesys v2

Genesys v2 is ISM’s PSIM which has been designed in house and is the accumulation of years’ worth of experience in the field of security management.

Key Features

  • Easy to use. Clear and concise layout and simple graphics enable the user can see the activity of events and actions as and when they happen.

  • Graphic plans. 2D or 3D mapping formats allow familiarity with the sites which are being monitored or controlled, while the 3D site model will allow instant map overview.

  • Quick to learn. The PSIM software is highly intuitive and so complete operator training takes a maximum of four hours – and can be completed in just two.

  • Full log. Reports and audit training can be produced simply and quickly.

  • Transferable. The PSIM software works over LAN or WAN networks for remote accessibility. In case of system failures or lack of access, the system can be transferred to any other security control room within the network. This allows flexibility of working location as well as out of normal working hours.

  • Modular Format. This enables management to allocate individual operators with all or individual modules. Each module includes a graphical control panel which replicates the function of the hardware and displays the relevant icons on the maps for the individual system, the modules can be filtered by the operator. This alleviates cluttered graphics and confusion for the operators.

  • Action List. Every device for each system is able to interact through cause and effect to display graphical maps and memos or instructions related to the individual alarms to the operators in charge. Every event can be automatically triggered when a device changes state, eliminating human error and therefore saving time and money.

Read our article for more information about the importance of choosing the right PSIM, or contact us for more information about Genesys v2.

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