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ISM, the UK based pioneers of Genesys security control room management systems has started 2014 bullishly forecasting 35% growth in 2014 on the basis of doubling orders in 2013. Stephen Smith, Sales and Marketing Director attributes this exceptional growth to: “Our unflinching commitment to R&D coupled with the global demand for Genesys.”

“We’ve become highly successful at winning tenders and when the decision does swing in our favour it’s rarely because of price,” says Smith. “Yes we have to be competitive but when you look at the life cycle cost of Genesys – we guarantee our software support for a whopping 10 years – this is pretty compelling when compared to the industry average of 3-4 years.”

Smith also points out ISM’s credentials as a trusted British brand explaining, “We are a safe pair of hands for any client based in the UK and overseas because we are stable and cash rich.  We know from freely available research that some direct competitors are making year on year losses. By contrast, we’re financially sound, making good profit. Why is this? It goes back to our investment in R&D. We’re still investing 17% of our turnover every single year in R&D. This unwavering commitment to putting R&D at the heart of our business in both lean and prosperous times continues to pay dividends.”


Growth on this scale comes at a price and in ISM’s case this is in the shape of building a growing team, with computer science graduate Ruaa AL-Hili being the newest addition. “We recruited Ruaa using the Pareto graduate recruitment service, selecting her from 2000 candidates,” says Smith. “It’s always a challenge to find a person who is truly unique and, for their uniqueness to add real value to your brand. In Ruaa we have a real asset. She has impeccable engineering skills and yet is able to communicate, with ease and authority. She has an honours degree in computer science and an additional qualification, CCNA which is not an easy exam to pass. She also speaks fluent Arabic which is a real bonus given we are winning major projects in the police and custodial sector in the Middle East. We may be in a male dominated industry but there are many exceptional and talented women coming up through the ranks and Ruaa is an example of this.”

“With significant projects already underway in Poland, The USA, the Middle East and India not to mention several high profile projects in the UK, 2014 is set to be our very best year yet,” concludes Smith.

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