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ISM + Wavestore


An analysis by growth consultancy Frost & Sullivan found that ‘the market generated revenues from PSIM systems of $142.9 million in 2011 are likely to significantly increase by 2021 to reach $2.79 billion’. This growth is attributed to the fact that: ‘Since physical security systems are scattered around facilities – different areas, sites and even continents – a solution that can unite these systems will offer great value to the customer.’

The integration of Wavestore video management software (VMS), with the ISM Genesys2 integrated security management control room software, provides systems integrators with an opportunity to capitalise on this projected growth in demand for large-scale integrated security management systems by harnessing all the benefits that can be achieved from recent advances in IP network based video surveillance technology.

Seamless integration
The ISM award-winning and patented Genesys2 PSIM software offers a scalable solution for small single sites to multi-sites projects, irrespective of their location. Its ability to integrate products from multiple manufacturers into one holistic platform, allows a control room to efficiently manage all alerts generated from CCTV, Intruder, Fire and Access Control systems, offering the potential to reduce man guarding costs.
Additional modules, such as Building Management andlighting control, further enhance the positive Return on Investment which clients can achieve from a PSIM solution.

One of the key benefits of the level of integration achieved between Wavestore’s VMS and the Genesys2 software, is that pre and post events can be immediately displayed on an integrated video wall to provide control room operators with instant access to real time events. Security is therefore enhanced with the ability of operators to visually detect and pinpoint breaches across multiple sites.

Enhanced graphical user experience
Genesys2 offers clear and concise, easy to navigate graphics and text acknowledgements, along with real-time active icons. These facilities enable the user to be visually aware of all the activity of events and actions as and when they happen. The graphic plans are in high resolution 2-D or 3-D format to enable operators to become familiar with the building(s) and locations that are being monitored and/or controlled by the system.

Clear and concise alarm management
Genesys2 offers a comprehensive event management database. Events and alarms are presented to the operators clearly with an alarm workflow, together with automated and manual workflow options that guide the operators through these events. As alarms are handled in the same generic way, training is straightforward and the reactions of operators to these events are greatly improved.
Genesys2 provides enhanced alarm handling, incorporating multiple scenarios that can be allocated to alarms so that they trigger automatically at certain events including the receipt of an alarm, when the operator accepts the alarm or if the device changes state.









If a PID alarm is triggered, for example, Genesys2 can automatically increase the video frame recoding rate, page security staff, lock down perimeter doors or switch on perimeter lighting. It also incorporates an alarm escalation feature which allows an operator to trigger different scenarios, with the display of a new tick-list, if required.

Any attacks on the data being transmitted between different workstations are prevented by the utilisation of 256-bit AES level encryption.
“Regardless of the size of the client’s property or site, a PSIM system should be considered whenever there is a desire to monitor, verify and control events, whether they are related to threats to life and property or for building management requirements.”

 The benefits of VMS and ISM interoperability

The interaction possible between Wavestore VMS and ISM Genesys2 software solutions, means that for high security and mission critical applications, systems integrators can provide their clients with all the benefits of deploying a PSIM platform to create a highly efficient control room environment to effectively monitor and control all systems within their security infrastructure, and when necessary, manage an effective response to any incident, from a single screen.

With Wavestore’s Linux based open platform VMS able tosimultaneously record images captured by combinations of analogue, IP, megapixel, HD, HD-SDI and 360 degree cameras, users have the option to continue to use existing analogue cameras at one location, whilst capitalising on the benefits offered by the latest generation of high definition and 360 degree IP cameras at other sites.

High performance recording and storage
High security, mission critical or multi-site large video surveillance systems, and particularly those that utilise megapixel cameras, are likely to have substantial hard drive storage volume requirements.
Wavestore is able to offer robust storage solutions which provide ultra fast access to recorded video; regardless of the size of the storage volume, via our proprietary LASS storage engine. Wavestore can facilitate the recording of images from very large numbers of cameras as well as audio and can provide up to sixty four Petabytes of storage. That is the equivalent of 64 million Gigabytes!

Wavestore’s high integrity data management design enables images to be retrieved instantaneously, regardless of the data recording and archive size and this ability to quickly locate specific video data, is enhanced by the use of a wide range of search options, including a powerful metadata management function.

This power management capability is a development of Wavestore’s established Large Allocation Storage System (LASS), which does not use a traditional file system, with all of the traditional overheads and potential points of failure but it stores indexes and video data directly to disk in only two levels and in a linear write format. The benefits of this approach include the ability to write and read data instantly, regardless of how large the data storage system is.

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