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Large Multi-National Bank, Canary Wharf London

The construction of the brand-new building in Canary Wharf for a multi-national bank led to a review of the systems being used for control of security.

The contractor, Beacon Security and the overall security consultant, Richard Flenley Associates, were responsible for performing the review. After evaluating a number of systems, the ISM Genesys integrated security management system was chosen to provide the security solution.

Genesys was chosen because…

  • The platform has the security of service provided by our patented migrating server technology
  • It offers higher levels of integration and flexibility with ease of operator use
  • The scalability of the system means that more sites can be added over time

Close discussions with all parties were essential to develop the brief into a full specification that would guarantee the installed system would fulfil both the contractual requirements and the demands of the operator.

As with all highly complex integrated security projects of this nature – this project being one of the largest transcontinental security projects ever, systems planning and inbuilt system flexibility to accommodate changing circumstances is fundamental. Genesys is a powerful and flexible system that cannot be rivalled by any comparable system in the world.

Within this project we have integrated local CCTV, remote CCTV, monitor wall displays, access control with alarm systems, intercoms to lifts, barriers and doors, trunked radio systems, public address systems and specialised lift control. They are now all fully controlled from one front end interface.

Epilogue: This complex site is now the central monitoring centre for every single one of the State Street bank sites across EMEA.

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