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Lothian and Borders Police

33 Cell Call Custody Suite

Although the pre-design was already specified, it had not been procured. After presenting our Ultimate 3000™ Cell Call system (with vulnerable person tagging linked to an actual named officer, as a standard feature) ISM was awarded the contract for the 33 cell call custody suite within the new West Lothian Civic Centre. The named tagging solution was a major part of what the client wanted to achieve. 

Epilogue: The reaction from both Reliance HighTec and Lothian and Borders Police to the Ultimate 3000™ Cell Call system has been overwhelmingly positive. Not only did we deliver at an incredibly competitive price, we actually delivered an infinitely superior system to the original design specification and achieved an overall cost saving for our client.

Our Ultimate 3000™ Cell Call system offered the following benefits:

  • It includes a touch screen control station with Genesys and Ultimate Cell Call software, and the integration of a life signs monitoring system
  • For detainees on a vulnerable persons watch where the criteria exists for a set number of visits per hour, the alarm that alerts to an overdue visit, also identifies by name, the responsible visiting officer. This level of functionality is unique to ISM and is included in our Ultimate 3000™ Cell Call system as a standard feature. This was also part of the Gatwick Immigration Removal Centre project
  • The system can be interfaced with other solutions including voice recording and CCTV. Although this level of functionality is not needed for this particular project currently, it offers the client flexibility should their requirements change
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