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Loughborough Estate Concierge, Lambeth, London

ISM Leading the Changing Face of Security... Loughborough Estate Concierge, Lambeth, London

Graphical security control room management pioneers ISM have delivered a ‘world first’ with the implementation of a full IP network with CCTV and audio dispersed concierge system for five blocks of flats; part of the Loughborough Estate in Lambeth London.

Stephen Smith, ISM Sales and Marketing Director says, “The human resources and the costs to manage all five blocks which are located on both sides of a very busy main road were staggering. For every person working a shift, there had to be another able to take over at a moment’s notice and to fill the gaps caused by holidays and absenteeism.”

The tenant management board knew exactly what they wanted – through air links with no hard wire. Finding a partner that could meet their statement of requirements proved to be onerous. Working closely with Pinnacle, the Design Consultants and Alphatrack Installers, ISM designed a state-of-the-art digital audio-based system with Genesys™ as the control room management system and Ultimate 3000™ as the door entry system. “Only one person now controls the security of the five blocks,” says Smith. “This is because the security of each building can now be controlled from any one of the five concierge stations.”

The environmental benefits of this pioneering system Smith continues, “Through air transmission is an incredibly environmentally friendly technology requiring a small device on a roof to create, in effect, what you have in your own office – a full IP enabled network. By contrast, hardwire technology for this project would have meant digging up the adjacent main road and pavements leading to many unnecessary weeks of traffic congestion, an increase in air pollution and post installation repair works, not to mention inconvenience for pedestrians and residents.”

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