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ISM’s design and manufacturing hub encompasses several units located in Crawley in West Sussex, a stone’s throw from Gatwick Airport.

I met with Stephen Smith, sales and marketing director. Stephen has been with the company from 1989 when the journey began with the design and manufacture of a functional telephone system. Hot on its heels was a digital system followed by a concierge product, utilising PC control, culminating in their latest offering Ultimate, the aforementioned digital audio exchange. ISM has an impressive client list. For obvious security reasons, most clients cannot be named, but suffice to say they have secured contracts with leading brands in banking and finance, critical infrastructure, police authorities, data centres, government agencies, prison services, universities, local authorities, hospitals not to mention a diverse range of organisations from the commercial sector. Their products are designed to fit most applications and are sold primarily through integrators and installers.

Undoubtedly the jewel in ISM’s crown, Genesys has an entry level, a premium level and an enterprise level. The Genesys software also includes a facility to manage alarm workflow. The operator is presented with a list of the actions they have to carry out manually and these are checked off as they are completed. Stephen said: “With our patented migrating driver technology ISM are offering a unique technology, one that is far removed from the old, archaic server-based technology. Every PC on the network can act as a conventional server-based system with the added advantage that in the event of a PC going off-line for any reason, the responsibility of that particular PC will instantly and seamlessly migrate to a designated PC on the network– no matter where that PC is located. And, this happens without any intervention from an operator. So, no interruptions and no downtime! However, that is only part of its charm. Genesys also has a really efficient front end, looking and feeling, and having the intuitive nature of a game. Easy to use and easy to recognise, there is no complications in using it. In stressful situations that ease-of-use is vital. A split second of indecision on the part of the operator who is not sure what to do next can escalate a minor problem into something much bigger and more threatening.

Genesys, through its ease of use brings operational cost savings thus allowing a better use of resources and a positive return on investment. The result is a fully integrated PSIM solution; a system through the migrating driver technology that will take power to your PC and multiply it by the number of PCs on your network.” These provide overall control of all electronic security systems installed at each site including:
-  Perimeter intruder detection
-  CCTV and digital recording
-  Intruder and panic and affray alarms
-  Video content analytics
-  Building management systems
-  Electronic locking
-  Cell call
-  Fire detection
-  Intercoms and public address
-  Trunked radio and radio paging
-  Staff safety systems; and
-  Guard tour.

Some of the UK’s leading police forces, prisons, local authorities and housing associations not to mention some of the UK’s wealthiest entrepreneurs and VIPs choose ISM’s Ultimate digital/IP system. It can be used as a simple single exchange serving one building or multiple exchanges serving a network of buildings, controlled by Genesys. The Ultimate exchange is also an addressable and fully configurable exchange, using the company’s Ultimate tools program. This enables the installer and the client to programme the system off-site. You can contact ISM to arrange a complimentary demonstration.

The compact series telephone door entry system has been developed to meet the specific needs of local authorities and housing associations. Aimed at low rise, residential buildings, it is competitively priced, robust, vandal proof and easy to use and maintain. It’s also the perfect complement to the Ultimate 3000 digital audio and data telephone entry systems, designed for medium to high rise apartment buildings, standalone and concierge. My final question for Stephen: “What’s next for ISM?” “Launching into the USA,” he tells me. We wish them well. If you’re in the market for an integrated system, you should check these guys out. They seem to know what it’s all about.


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