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Seamless Smooth Integration

ISM announces new Integration partnership with Siemens

When a government office in Ireland commissioned two integration projects, the contractors in both instances specified ISM’s patent-protected Genesys 2 security control room management system to integrate CCTV, access control, intruder, fire and intercoms. These were exciting, not to mention ground- breaking projects, because Genesys 2 was integrating with a new, pioneering alarm system from Siemens.

The SPC intruder detection alarm system is the latest and most advanced control panel on the market and is fully IP-enabled, allowing monitoring or remote configuration/control.

John Waite, Sales Director ISM, said “The Siemens integration combines a state-of-the-art true hybrid alarm system with a state-of-the-art graphical interface to offer our mutual clients flexible, cost-effective installation. This powerful combination delivers a feature-packed, highly responsive solution. Working closely with the Siemens team we have built a fully integrated, scalable, robust and wide ranging PSIM platform.”

The solution specified by the systems integrator for this project needed to be a fully integrated security management system capable of integrating multiple systems on one software platform. 

In addition to this, the requirement was also to install a system that was:

  • User-friendly: Genesys 2 offers easy-to-navigate graphics and text acknowledgements along with real-time active icons so that the user can see the activity of events and actions as and when they happen, making it easy and quick to identify the source of the alarm.
  • Highly intuitive: full operator software training takes a maximum of two to four hours.
  • Able to operate as a standalone platform over LAN or WAN networks for remote and local sites with workstations that can be transferred to any operating security control room on the network. This offers the end-user flexibility when closing down sites or buildings for off-peak or out of normal working hours or in the unlikely event of any system failures.

The Siemens SPC system, according to Waite, is “The best integrated true hybrid intruder alarm system to be launched in the last 30 years.” From specification to installation (over several sites) and training, the project was accomplished on time and within budget, without a single problem. “The teamwork between the ISM project team and the Siemens project team was outstanding and the support from the Siemens technical team was pivotal in ensuring that the entire project process was accomplished seamlessly and smoothly,” concluded Waite.

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