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Intergrated Security Manufacturing (ISM) and South African based systems integration partner Mobeni announce a significant software upgrade project for several key airports in South Africa. Having successfully installed  Genesys Classic three years ago, ISM, a world pioneer in integrated security management solutions was asked to install  Genesys2. It is an upgrade that will ensure the system is fully scalable to accommodate future airport expansion. Genesys2 will offer:

Migrating server – Separating the driver engine enables the drivers to be distributed across multiple PCs. The traditional client server is redundant. The system can be easily expanded. It is no longer reliant on one PC or server for all communications because the power is multiplied by the number of available workstations on the network. The patented migrating driver engine provides unparalleled levels of redundancy. If a workstation fails or the network is disrupted, the system can fragment or migrate to ensure uninterrupted operation at all times. Furthermore, the separation of the driver engine enables it to be monitored. If it hangs, it can be restarted, or the driver channel isolated. The rest of the system will be unaffected if one driver fails.

Built-in systems interoperability - A standard element of the Genesys2 platform is that alarms can have alarm task lists attached. These provide an auditable list of actions the operator must take to reset an alarm event. Notes can be added to these events for a full management history.

Alarms can have pre/post event viewing on the Genesys2 screen, activated when the operator accepts the alarm event, providing visual verification of the alarm and the current position using the CCTV images and DVR replay facility. This greatly reduces human error on the part of the operator and enhances the overall security of the system.

Ease of use - Genesys2 utilises Windows Presentation Foundation to provide high levels of graphical adaptability. With a graphical map tree the user is continually aware of the site they are connected to and its geographical location. Highly intuitive and with stunning graphics designed by ‘best of breed’ games graphic artists and engineers, the look and feel of the system is enhanced. Operators find it incredibly easy to use.

Commenting on the project, Steve Smith, Sales & Marketing Director at ISM, said, “Phenomenal growth and supporting regional development has driven the need for our technology. Major projects commenced five years ago in preparation for the World Cup 2010 with new terminals and parking facilities at OR Tambo and Cape Town and a brand new airport in Durban. We are delighted to partner with Mobeni once again to upgrade the software for the Airports Company South Africa. This prestigious project demonstrates our credentials and our expertise at designing, developing and manufacturing large-scale integrated security management systems or, Physical Security Information Management (PSIM), a term often used these days.”

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