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Despite 3 feet of snow settling on New York and, important demonstration kit being held up in customs, ISM, the UK-based PSIM Pioneers reported ‘an overwhelming vote of confidence’ from delegates at their two packed seminars held in New York City and Washington last month.

Stephen Smith, Sales and Marketing Director, ISM said, “the purpose of these two ‘invitation only’ events was to demonstrate Genesys our patent protected PSIM to an audience comprising of key people of influence in the security sector. With our kit unavailable we improvised with PowerPoint and video. The Q+A sessions that followed were a real highlight.”

Smith reported delegates as, “being genuinely excited by Genesys, with two of its headline benefits – the unique migrating driver that renders servers redundant and, its ease-of-use attracting the most excitement. Attendees were keen to understand at a granular level exactly how the Genesys migrating driver works.”

America is a fast growing land of opportunity for ISM with PSIM part of the changing security landscape. “The feedback from the events was that our competitors are overselling and under delivering,” said Smith. “It was reassuring to hear they placed us firmly at the end of this spectrum.”

Attendees at both events comprised of directors and partners of consultancy companies; national security managers from financial institutions; consultants from the VIP security sector; consultants specifying security products for museums; representatives from the Defence sector and security managers from telecoms companies. 

Reflecting on the events Smith concluded “We could have done without the snow and without our kit being held up in customs but, the events were fantastic and it was clear that nothing could dampen the enthusiasm for Genesys amongst key movers and shakers from the security sector.” 

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