The unique design of Ultimate 3000 enables you to choose one product to fulfil your needs whether your environment is classed as low security or high security. Within one product, Ultimate 3000 offers a complete solution for audio intercom communications, telephone entry, general and personnel alarm monitoring, control of high security locking systems such as air locks, access doors, motorised barriers and gates and I/O monitor or control auxiliary hardware within a building environment.

The Ultimate 3000™ intercom handsets are ergonomically designed for ease of use and are manufactured in cream ABS to exceptionally high standards. Robust and attractive they include:

  • nuisance and door open LED flush mounted and protected with ABS lens
  • Lock release button
  • electronic call tones
  • two inputs for monitoring items such as intruder alarms, fire alarms and panic call points
  • door open LED
  • silkscreen icons to identified door open, privacy, concierge call and lock release button

Download the Ultimate 3000 Intercom Datasheet (PDF)